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Product Design

LogoProject Design is renowned for their marketing and design team capabilities. These creative teams constantly attend the most important fashion shows (Pitti, Filati..) to get inspiration and develop eyewear collections which combine the current trends with the customer’s specific needs.

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The production process follows stages where the shapes are developed, the materials are defined and colour combinations are created in accordance with each individual customer’s requirements.
LogoProject Design has a portfolio of sourcing partners which over the years have been incorporated into the value chain. This consistency guarantees a level of stability, quality and a range of price options for each project.
Their full control of the manufacturing process and high quality standards ensures full compliance with local and international regulations.

They offer a wide range of services:
  • Support in the import process from the Far East
  • Supplier procurement based on project needs
  • A production service that guarantees full standard compliance, thanks to a dedicated on-site QC team

LogoProject has its own eyewear factory near Milan which they can recommend for customers looking for an entire MADE IN ITALY production.

Logistics Center

LogoProject Design hosts a logistics center (around1400 square meters) which operates via a computer system and connects to more than 30000 shops in the supply chain.
Dedicated staff handle about 500 daily shipments and oversee the after-sales service via their call centre.

Today clients of both national and international prestige have relied completely on LogoProject Designs’s expertise.

Marketing and communication

Marketing and communication activities are keys to a products success, especially if branded. Our marketing experts get involved in the product DNA in order to develop packaging solutions and advertising that enhances and embraces the collection.
Over the years, they have developed, thanks to talent and creativity, the skills to support customers in their strategic marketing plans, beyond the eyewear industry.
They put forward all their knowledge, experience and energy to the service of the customer’s needs and ideas to realise their dream.

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